The BCHGA has worked for the expansion and improvement of hazelnut farming in British Columbia for many years, and is incorporated as a BC Non-Profit Society.

The BCHGA is governed by the BC Society Act Bylaws, Schedule B.


The purposes of the BCHGA, per the BCHGA's Constitution, are:

(a) To promote the interests of the hazelnut growers of British Columbia including, but not limited to:

(i) obtaining and publishing information relevant to hazelnut growers;

(ii) promoting and funding research, public relations, education, advertising and other activities to enhance the development of the hazelnut industry;

(iii) representing the interests of hazelnut growers in dealing with governments, public agencies, suppliers, processors, consumers and others;

(b) To promote generally the interests of the hazelnut industry in British Columbia;

(c) To do all such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the foregoing.


BCHGA members elect Directors at each year's Annual General Meeting.

Currently, the BCHGA has seven elected, volunteer Directors, who are working on behalf of hazelnut growers in BC to:

  • explore opportunities at the provincial and federal level for funding        to assist with re-establishing hazelnut orchards affected by             Eastern Filbert Blight;
  • partner with other organizations to provide opportunities for research and innovation;
  • conduct variety trials and research; and
  • fulfill the BCHGA's purpose to assist growers and promote and enhance the BC hazelnut industry.