crop innovation project in partnership with holster farm

BCHGA was selected to receive a 2016 Agricultural Enchancement Grant from the Abbotsford Community Foundation and City of Abbotsford.


The grant is for crop innovation, to fund a project that partners with Holster Farm and the University of the Fraser Valley.


The project will focus on EFB-resistant trees, education and awareness about the potential for BC hazelnuts, and support for the industry through specialty equipment design.


Holster Farm is located in Abbotsford, and is planting EFB-resistant trees to be a demonstration farm, highlighting the potential of these new tree varieties. Holster Farm will support new Abbotsford growers and will advocate for BC hazelnuts.


The University of the Fraser Valley and UFV's Agriculture Centre of Excellence are working with BCHGA on two additional aspects of the project. The first is to provide education and awareness to growers and the general public regarding the potential growing hazelnuts, and the second is to design equipment to aid processing, and value-added processing, for the hazelnut crop.


We thank the Abbotsford Community Foundation and the City of Abbotsford for this funding opportunity, and we are grateful for the chance to partner with Ryan Holling of Holster Farm.

We would like to say a special thank you to Garry Fehr, director of the UFV Agriculture Centre of Excellence, for his support and work with our Association over the past year. We are very grateful for his efforts and for the support of John English and all those at UFV who are working on this project.