There are many benefits to growing hazelnuts!


  • Hazelnuts are delicious, and high-protein!


  • Hazelnuts are a high-value, perennial, and sustainable crop.


  • Hazelnuts are a low-input (and low-odor), practical, small lot crop, and are a great option for hobby farmers.


  • Hazelnuts are well suited for certain BC growing regions.


  • Hazelnut orchards can accommodate the growth of other crops between the tree rows, in the early years of orchard establishment.


  • Hazelnut orchards offer livestock grazing between the tree rows at certain times of year, and cull hazelnuts are high-value livestock feed.


  • Hazelnuts offer opportunities for value-added processing.


  • Hazelnuts are not perishable off the tree as other fruit crops may be.


  • Hazelnuts preserve agricultural diversity and food security in BC, and give BC consumers another opportunity to 'buy local'.


  • Hazelnut trees offer a source of early pollen for bees.


  • Hazelnut trees sequester carbon.


  • Hazelnut trees provide beauty, shade, and privacy.


 ... and a few more listed here, "A world of benefits from something so small!", and here!